Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What happens to weight in absense of no-fat butter spray, diet soda, and light products?

I spent the day yesterday at the Aldo Leopold Foundation. I did a bit of work for them and spent a lovely hour and a half with Nina Bradley Leopold.

She is the daughter of Aldo Leopold and lives near the storied shack of Sand County Almanac. Her house is surrounded by tall-grass prairie. She and her husband pioneered the reestablishment of this nearly extirpated landscape which had once dominated much of country from Illinois west to the Rockies.

She's not spending time trying to find a way to eat. She's been eating locally for decades. She lives in a natural setting nestled in between farms. She understands food as a community resource. In the forwaord to The Farm as Natural Habitat, she wrote of small-scale farmer as contributing "..  a lot to conservation and biodiversity, as well as putting food on our place each day."  We urban dwellers have to make an effort to find a farmer, even in an agricultural state like Wisconsin.

My struggles to follow Pollan's Food Rules stem from my artificial life. It still feels like a sacrifice to fill my metal bottle with filtered tab water and not add some artificially flavored dry mix. I still miss my diet cola. When I peel my local organic carrots and eat them raw--no problem. When I cook them, I had been in the habit of spraying a bit of butter spray. But with a list of chemicals grandma would not recognize, I instead use a tad of butter and consider that butter in my dietary intake.

Although the rules do build, once I started obeying the first few related to eating foods not chemical, and limiting sugar and processed flour, I found the rest of the rules are pithy ways of paying attention to my diet. Therefore, I'm likely only going to post on this once a week.

Dealing with the dishonesty in my relationship with food isn't all fun. Sure much of the food is wonderful, but I wanted to believe that my love for the natural world had influenced my relationship with food to a larger respect.

So how's it going without my artificial butter spray, diet soda, and light food products? Well, I'm a woman and as women know, things fluctuate, but I seem to have lost two pounds.

Who knew that “honesty is the best policy” also relates to food.

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