Monday, March 29, 2010

I can eat all the sweets I want

It’s not that I need to believe that fruit is sweet; I want to think of sweets as fruit. In other words, I wish I craved oranges the way I occasionally crave a brownie or piece of chocolate. Michael Pollan tells us in Food Rules that nature packages sugar with fiber. It’s a mind bender to think that I can have all the sweets I want. If only I could believe that fruits are the definition of sweets. The fiber in fruit satisfies most appetites with a small portion. It’s cheaper to buy a candy bar than organic cherries. The expense of all the cherries I might want are a deterrent to gluttony.

This blog may be becoming a series of postings about how I cheat the Food Rules. We had company for dinner last Friday and I followed the rules to make an eggplant main dish, spinach salad, and cauliflower. For dessert, my husband bought ingredients to set up a sundae bar. Wouldn’t it have been rude and sanctimonious of me to skip the sundae bar after my hubby went through all that trouble? (Are you buying this?) So I topped my banana with ice cream and toppings and I did enjoy every bite. Pollan says I should break he rules—once in a while. As I finish this final week of concentrating on the rules, I think that is my challenge. How often is “once in a while?” I think that the less I eat white sugar the easier it will be to enjoy natural sugars. Is it possible that I can restrict some indulgences to find a peace and freedom in the foods the earth offers to me?

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